Who we are

TECHNO VIETNAM INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. (TVI) is supplier of test and measuring instruments, industrial handtools, tools, machines and systems together with after-sales services. Established since 2009 by a group of experienced engineers, masters in metrology and automation. We undergone the development phases:

- Initiating the business with the name Techno Vietnam Technical Services (TVTS)  in 2009 to provide maintenance and repair services majorly

- Expanding business to trading and servicing: Techno Vietnam Trading (TVT) in 2012

- Focusing business on major industrial market: Techno Vietnam Industries (TVI) since 2014

Our expertise is in Sourcing, Marketing & Sales, Technique consultancy and After-Sales Services. TECHNO Vietnam is the preferred partner for quality companies for their business expansion. We are also committed to providing innovative measurement solutions that enable our customers and partners- the leaders in their industries by ensuring optimal market performance today, while creating the products and services demanded for tomorrow.

 With the cooperation and development from the world-wide prestigious instrument manufacturers, we have been now performing as a center for “Technologies of measures” and “Sourcing solutions” in Vietnam and Asia Pacific Region.

Our values

We build-up a framework of working which all of our people understand and respect.

Absolute integrity

Customer Focus

Restless Innovation

High Performance

What we do

We provide instrumentations, solutions for some of the most technically demanding industrial applications. Our products and services aim to enhance customers’ productivity from the beginning steps such as R & D, Design to improvement and quality assurance.

How we do it

With a workforce of highly-skilled people and high technology products from manufacturers, we continue to develop creative solutions that give our customers a distinct competitive edge.

Who our customers are

We serve a broad spectrum of industrial customers across all key:
– Automotive and Aerospace Part Manufacturer
– Plastic, Rubber and Tire Manufacturer
– Electronic and Consumer Product Manufacturer
– Office Equipment Manufacturer
We work closely with them, adapting our technology to meet their needs and requirements. We also provide after-sales services in the form of maintenance, repair, training and consultancy support, calibration and recalibration and consumables.