The ELF Force Measurement System includes Windows-compatible software and a USB interface data acquisition handle. Three FlexiForce B201 sensors are also included.

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Force Measurement System

The ELF™ system is a complete, cost-effective and user-friendly load and force measurement system. The system consists of data acquisition hardware, software, and three FlexiForce® B201 sensors. The sensors include one for each of the following force ranges: Low 11 N (0-25 lb.), Medium 667 N (0-150 lb.) and High 4448 N (0-1000 lb.).

ELF Features and Benefits:

  • The system utilizes paper-thin 0.203 mm (0.008 in.) FlexiForce B201 sensor technology.
  • The plastic ELF handle contains data acquisition electronics with USB connection and patented interface to B201 sensors.
  • Patented electronics allow you to optimize the performance of the ELF system over a selected force/load range. The electronics adjust the device sensitivity to best fit the dynamic range of the specific application. This allows you to “fine tune” FlexiForce sensors for optimal performance.
  • Simple calibration procedures can deliver accuracies of ± 5%. More controlled procedures can reach an accuracy level of ± 3%.

For more detailed information on the ELF System, including how to set it up and take force measurements, please download the ELF User Manual.

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